What makes Five Acres Village Cattery special?

At Five Acres Cattery:

    • We understand every cat is different. We listen carefully to the needs and requirements of our customers, both human and feline, so as to accommodate each individual as best we can
    • We are a friendly cattery happy to answer any questions and talk through any concerns you may have
    • You get to settle your cat into its pen
    • Our aim is to build a trusting relationship with you and your cat and we will do everything we can to make them feel comfortable and at home, this relationship is built up, at your cats own pace
    • If you collect your cat in the morning we do not charge for that day
    • As the owner we live onsite as well as work in the cattery and look after your cats, creating a secure environment

At Five Acres Cattery we have 5 cattery chalets. Three of these accommodate up to 12 single cats in their own individual two floor pens. The other 2 chalets contain larger pens for cats from the same family to share, if they prefer to stay together.

Five Acres Cattery

Five Acres Village Cattery

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