Five Acres Village Cattery near Guildford. A family owned and run cattery by Sue Page, Licence number AB8

At Five Acres Village Cattery near Guildford we have 5 cattery chalets. Three of these accommodate up to 12 single cats in their own individual two floor pens. The other 2 chalets contain larger pens for cats from the same family to share, if they prefer to stay together.

Every pen has an individual outside run with a sunning shelf, scratch post and chair. Beds and bedding are provided but if our guests would like to bring their own bed or blanket this is always welcomed as having familiar belongings often helps them to settle.

If you are looking for a cattery in the Guildford area please contact us to discuss your requirements.


What makes us special?

We understand every cat is different. We listen carefully to the needs and requirements of our customers, both human and feline, so as to accommodate each individual as best we can.
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Cattery Rates

Our rates include all the usual things you would expect like food, litter, bedding, and insurance but also play sessions and cuddles by our dedicated staff
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Are you looking for a cattery in the Guildford area?
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